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IR Therapy
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The NanoBeam™ 940 is the latest innovation in near-infrared light therapy devices which emits focused near-infrared light at a wavelength of 940 nanometers.

The FDA has cleared its use for the temporary relief of:

...and for:

The Nanobeam 940 utilizes sixty miniature high power 940 nanometer infrared LEDs, tightly spaced in an 8mm square area to provide concentrated infrared energy.

Infrared therapy using targeted frequency bands, sometimes called "photonic stimulation", is growing rapidly as a non-pharmaceutical approach to pain relief. 

The Nanobeam 940 was designed for clinical and prescription use and has been tested to ensure it meets FDA requirements for electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic compatibility (EMI/EMC).


"Advanced Medical Light Therapy"
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Image of infrared lens
Image of Nanobeam lens
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Image of infrared array shifted into blue range for visibility
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Picture of Nanobeam used on a knee
Picture of Nanobeam 940 used on a knee.