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IR Therapy

Infrared therapy is not new. Our ancestors warmed themselves by the fire and enjoyed the therapeutic effects of full spectrum infrared energy. A warm bath or a dip in a hot spring are well known ways to improve blood flow and soothe aching muscles.

What is relatively new is the ability to single out narrow infrared frequency bands to stimulate a desired effect. Unlike a camp fire (or wide-band infrared as found in standard heating pads), with narrow-band near infrared therapy you get a cooler infrared exposure without the chance of getting burned.

The latest near-infrared emitters provide a higher ratio of near-infrared to far-infrared (long-wave infrared) energy. DavaRay makes use of state-of-the art high-power, high-density infrared emitters to provide a concentrated, focused beam of invisible (to the human eye) light.

Finding the right frequency at the right energy level for a specific ailment is one of the new frontiers of medical science, an area of research sure to grow by leaps and bounds as new protocols and applications of light therapy are discovered.

DavaRay, Inc. encourages independent researchers to conduct studies to test the effectiveness of the Nanobeam™ 940 vs. other therapy devices. It is only through the open comparison and scientific study of new medical technology that the greatest number of people can benefit and the boundaries of medical knowledge can be expanded.

DavaRay, Inc. received FDA clearance to market the Nanobeam™ 940 near-infrared emitter for use in clinical settings or as prescribed by a licensed healthcare practitioner.


"Advanced Medical Light Therapy"
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Picture of Nanobeam 940 used on a knee.