DavaRay, Inc.

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IR Therapy

DavaRay, Inc. is a privately held corporation, founded in the Life Sciences corridor of Michigan.

We're committed to furthering the science of light therapy and are thankful for the wonderful feedback we've received from clinicians and patients. Please help us improve our service to you by sending us your comments and suggestions.

For more information please contact us at:

Mind-Brain Training Institute

5233 Royce Drive

Mount Dora, FL 32757


DavaRay, Inc. received FDA clearance to market the Nanobeam™ 940 near-infrared emitter for use in clinical settings or as prescribed by a licensed healthcare practitioner.


"Advanced Medical Light Therapy"
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Image of cloth screen
Picture of couple and dog on the beach
Image of infrared lens
Image of Nanobeam lens
Picture of girl looking at the Nanobeam 940
Image of infrared array shifted into blue range for visibility
Picture of sunlight infrared
Picture of Nanobeam used on a knee
Picture of Nanobeam 940 used on a knee.